Advise for foreign nationals

All foreign nationals, including volunteers from outside India will need an Employment visa to work with us in India. Employment visas are usually granted for the term of the contract, or one year. You will need to obtain an employment visa before departing for India. Do not apply for an entry visa or a business visa or a tourist visa.

It is your full responsibility to secure the employment visa and ensure the full legality of your stay in India during the tenure of the contract. To do so requires consultation of resources beyond the information provided. Please check with an Indian consulate or embassy in your home country for the most current information. Visit the India Visa Centre online for detailed instructions on obtaining an employment visa . Please refer to their website and the appropriate consulates to ensure a timely and successful visa application process.

Your visa takes effect from the date it is issued; e.g. if you get it a week before departure, that week is counted, even if you have not entered the country yet. Though visas are generally issued within two week, please apply as early as possible as delays as long as four weeks are not uncommon. Foreigners arriving on visa valid for 180 days and more must register with the Foreigner Regional Registration Office within 14 days of arrival in India. For citizens from some selected countries should register within 24 hours of landing in India.

The sponsor for your visa will be International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI), and we will provide you with required documentation for your visa. For volunteers, all costs related to your visa must paid by you. The expenses for visa documentation and posting it to your address in your home country must be borne by you.