An outline of roles within the Centre

An overview of our organisation structure

General Body
The General Body is made up of the members of the International Centre for Technological Innovations (ICTI). Official membership is given to members of the Executive Committee and the Centre Director. Membership is open to natural persons and legal entities who wish to support the work of ICTI. The General Body meets once a year. It elects the members of Executive Committee.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is responsible for managing activities of the Centre. It develops policies and creates strategic plans that are essential in maintaining sustainability of the organization. The Committee meets once in every calendar quarter.

The Director leads and manages the organisation. Director is ex-officio Secretary of the Executive Committee. The Director handles day to day management decissions and implements the organization's long and short term plans. Represents the organization both internally and externally. Oversees the implementation of research and outreach programmes of various Research Groups.

Research Groups
The research and innovation activities are grouped into working alliances devoted to specific broad research areas. Our research themes are completely open-ended and overlapping.

Research Fellow
The Research Fellows are independent investigator. They are members of a group (fellowship) that work together in pursuing mutual knowledge or practice. Our Fellowship is designed to bring together senior leaders, experienced professionals and top-talent from innovative firms, universities and organizations.

Research Associate
The Research Associates work under supervision of Research Fellow. They are expected to expand knowledge by discovering and pursuing a unique topic of scholarly research. They also contribute in technology and knowledge transfer activities.

Research Assistant
The Centre provides internship opportunities for bright undergraduate and masters students, and recent graduates. They join as Research Assistants.