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ICTI Research Associate – Sreeram Valsalakumar, wins prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship 2019-20

Sreeram, ICTI Research Associate

July 07, 2019; ICTI Research Associate, Sreeram Valsalakumar, has been awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship, considered among the most prestigious awards in the world for international study and professional development. He is amoung the eight awardees from across the globe who received the Commonwealth Exeter Scholarship 2019-20. He will be studying MSc Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Sreeram received the United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Scholarship, which will cover all fees, to-and-fro travel, visa expenses and also provide monthly stipend, worth over Rs 3.5 million, during the 12 months Masters programme and research to be undertaken at Exeter from September 2019.

As a Research Scholar at International Centre for Technological Innovations he gained opportunity to coordinate the Centre’s project in Sustainable Energy for Healthcare. He has been rewarded on the basis of his leadership skills while handling the project and commitment for sustainable development. "Hospitals are among the biggest energy consumers and greenhouse gas emitters in the country; mainly because they are facilities with a high and permanent consumption of energy. In hospitals, lighting, heating, air conditioning, security systems, elevators, cleaning, sterilization and operating rooms work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year," says Sreeram. "My research focuses on intelligent energy management systems, and how healthcare facilities can implement renewable energy systems to meet their policy, social objectives, regulatory requirements and work towards continual improvement."

Besides Sreeram, another ICTI Research Associate Sony Thomas has also received Commonwealth Scholarship this year to study MSc Advanced Computer Systems Development at the University of West of Scotland, UK. “We are delighted to have two Commonwealth Scholars from ICTI this year” says Aaron George, Director- ICTI “It is a recognition for outstanding ideas and research happening at ICTI and the new contributions our researchers are able to make in changing lives of people”

ICTI’s PgCert Research programme is a post-bachelor programme designed to provide research training opportunities for highly talented candidates. The research experience increases their competitiveness and helps them gain admissions and scholarships for Masters programmes in world’s best universities. This programme aims to develop the next generation of research leaders, innovators and a team of international scholars.

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The Commonwealth Scholarships in the United Kingdom program is funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, enabling students from Commonwealth countries to pursue advanced academic study in the UK.