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Three ICTI Researchers awarded Commonwealth Scholarship 2017-18

June 5, 2017; ICTI Researchers – Keerthi Thodiyil, Rishikesh Sreehari and Geo Mathew Thomas have been awarded the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarships for international study and professional development. Geo will be attending MSc Engineering for International Development at University College London, Rishikesh will be studying MSc Renewable Energy and Distributed Generation at Heriot-Watt University and Keerthi will be pursuing MSc Biotechnology at the University of West of Scotland.

Geo, Rishikesh and Keerthi have been awarded the United Kingdom Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Scholarship, which will cover all fees, to-and-fro travel, visa expenses and also monthly stipend, worth up to Rs 35 Lakhs, during the 12 months’ Masters programme and research to be undertaken in the United Kingdom from September 2017.

“Three commonwealth scholarships have been awarded to ICTI researchers this year. That’s a fantastic number and demonstrates the high quality of socially relevant research happening at ICTI; and the contributions our researchers are able to make in changing lives of people.” says Aaron George, Director- ICTI and former Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Cambridge.

Geo Mathew Thomas graduated with BTech Mechanical Engineering in 2016. Joining the Research Scholars Programme at ICTI his research focused on digital empowerment of farmer producer organisation. He implemented ICTI’s online agro-marketplace project and provided digital literacy training to 100+ farmer producer organisations. “I feel excited and grateful to be awarded the commonwealth scholarship to study at UCL – one of the world’s best university” says Geo. “I look forward to an enriching research experience that will help me make significant contribution to international development”.

Keerthi Thodiyil holds BTech in Biotechnology of 2014 batch. Her research interest in public health and biotechnology enterprises motivated her to pursue the Research Scholars Programme at ICTI. Keerthi conducted study about drinking water problems and environmental health issues in Kuttanad region. At ICTI she coordinated initiatives to source new bio-technologies from partnering research labs and assisted rural entrepreneurs (women SHGs) to develop self-sustaining businesses in sanitation and supply of safe drinking water to local community. “I am very happy that I have been chosen for this scholarship and I feel honoured. I look upon it as an opportunity for me to study and do research about something that I love”, says Keerthi.

Rishikesh Sreehari graduated with BTech Mechanical Engineering in 2016. As a Research Scholar at ICTI he pursued research about promotion of innovation in universities and higher educational institutions. He developed ICTI’s Indovator initiative, a first-of-its-kind online initiative where people support innovators with crowdfunding. It empowers people to contribute for innovations that can create impact in their lives, and to review innovators solving India’s challenges for sustainable development. Rishikesh focuses on advancement of renewable energy technologies and training of technology transfer professionals. “I feel very grateful for being selected for the scholarship. I believe it is a great opportunity for me to travel, develop networks, learn new skills, and access world class research facilities. Upon return, it will help me make a real difference in the socio-economic development of India.”

ICTI’s PGCert. Research Programme is a post-bachelor programme designed to provide research training opportunities for highly talented candidates. The research experience increases their competitiveness and helps them gain admissions and scholarships for Masters and PhD programmes in world’s best universities. The programme is designed for candidates with background in engineering or science. This programme aims to develop the next generation of research leaders and innovators.

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The Commonwealth Scholarships in the United Kingdom program is funded by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, enabling students from Commonwealth countries to pursue advanced academic study in the UK