These films showcase how our researchers are making a positive difference on our society

Rural Electrification through Women's Renewable Energy Cooperatives

To address both gender inequalities and empower women, it is vital to ensure that women have equal opportunities to energy-related jobs and training. ICTI Researchers - Robin Mathew (Commonwealth Loughborough Scholar) and Janie Michelle Ryan, California State University research about electrification of rural villages through formation of Women's Renewable Energy Cooperatives.

Role of Small and Marginal farmers of India in addressing Global Food Security

Arianna Freschi, Harshini Singh and David Holden-white from Cambridge, Warwick and Oxford research about ICTI’s role in collectivization of farmers, especially small and marginal farmers, into farmer producer organisations which has emerged as an effective way to address the many challenges of agriculture but most importantly, improved access to investments, technology, input supply services and markets.