We turn our research into successful, independent business ventures.

International Centre for Technological Innovations has a culture of scaling technologies and innovations. Some of these capabilities have become spin-out companies that represent an important step towards the creation of a positive impact on the Society. The creation of new spinout companies, promotes research and benefits local economic development. It has created many new jobs and better livelihood opportunities for youth, women and farmers. Our spinouts include hi-tech startups in electric vehicle to cooperatives and farmer producer organisations.

We encourage social and commercial entrepreneurship, ensuring that our research is taken out of the lab and into the real world.

We welcome approaches from senior managers looking for executive or non-executive positions in new ventures, and from investors who want to keep in touch with existing or emerging spinouts. Gain access to our innovators, licence technologies or invest in a breakthrough innovation. Contact us if you’re interested in exploring licensing opportunities, investing in a startup, or sponsoring our research. Our Outreach Initiatives that are not-for-profit are promoted and managed directly by the Centre through projects funded by philanthropic donations, government grants and corporate social responsibility.